Spring Break Campeones Sunglasses

Spring Break Campeones Sunglasses


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Ready, set, spike! Our Spring Break Campeones are here to play hard, and they’re not holding back. Full coverage neon pink wraparound frames meet their vibrant match with lime green ‘K’ arm detailing and comfy ear pads for a fantastically flashy pair of sunglasses. Made with UV400 protection and minimal visual distortion in mind, our red sunset performance lenses also come standard with anti-fog technology, so you’ll never be caught off guard. Your shades will stay put thanks to adjustable nose pads, and you’ll never wonder if you look hot doing what you do best.

Knockterra™ Performance Lens Tech
With both water-resistant and oil-resistant coatings built in, any sweat, water, or fingerprint that makes its way to your lenses during your workout won’t hinder your performance. Purposefully non-polarized, they also allow for enhanced depth perception for sports that rely on this visual aid. As always, these lenses are impact resistant and provide full UV400 protection.

In 2022, Knockaroud officially became Plastic Neutral—for every pound of plastic we use, we remove one pound from the environment elsewhere. But that’s far from where our sustainability efforts end. We’ve also implemented minimalist, recycled packaging, eliminated single-use plastics, and included recycled materials in our products whenever possible.

  • Hot pink wraparound frame
  • Non-polarized red sunset lens
  • Knockterra™ Performance Lens Tech
  • Lime green K logos
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads
  • Flexible lime green non-slip arms
  • Full lens coverage
  • UV400 protection
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses with laser etch logo detail
  • Protective pouch included