Midnight Snack Paso Robles Sunglasses

Midnight Snack Paso Robles Sunglasses


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If you thought our Paso Robles frames couldn’t get any more stylish, take a look at these beauties. Midnight Snack Paso Robles feature a mix of fuchsia lenses, black exterior frames, and a subtle yellow/fuchsia blend on the interior which, combined, make for a snazzy looking pair of shades. Paso Robles are our laid-back sunglasses fit for sipping drinks on the beach or spending a lazy day out in the sun with friends.

In 2022, Knockaroud officially became Plastic Neutral—for every pound of plastic we use, we remove one pound from the environment elsewhere. But that’s far from where our sustainability efforts end. We’ve also implemented minimalist, recycled packaging, eliminated single-use plastics, and included recycled materials in our products whenever possible. There’s always more progress to be made, but we’re committed to putting in the work.

  • Glossy black exterior
  • Glossy interior that fades from fuchsia to yellow
  • Polarized fuchsia lenses
  • Yellow K logos
  • Offers UV400 protection
  • FDA-approved, impact-resistant lenses
  • Protective pouch included